First Ride & a grin that won't quit!

First Ride & a grin that won't quit!

Russ Paton
9 months ago



First of the month and first ride on "Rusty" my Kove 450 Rally. I tackled all kinds of double track trails, some easier single track and aone pavement.

Is it a Unicorn? Well it certainly performed with no issues andnI have no complaints at all. Well the set is tall but I knew that and can adapt but I want the suspension travel and clearance for Rallies and high speed whoops etc. It did the single and double much quicker than the Tiger by another even the easier stuff, Did it runnthe single as fast as my beloved Beta 390 no but it is very capable super fliackable and out performs both the Beta and Tiger in double track and deactivated FSR. the Tiger is more planted on the pavement and faster but not by a lot. The Kove feels like it will fully replace the Tiger at myb4 to 7 hours coast to Peachland backroad/trail commute leaving the Tiger at home for rides with my wife. Perhaps the Beta will not be road insured in 2024?

More thoughts to come but all trips (wothout oillion) feel like they will be on the Kove moving forward.
First Ride & a grin that won't quit!

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