He slides...... Safe on first!

He slides...... Safe on first!

Russ Paton
9 months ago



So I headed out for some road riding today in the warm Okanagan Sun. The Kove handled the road very nicely sustaining 130kmh/80mh at just under 7200 (9500 is max rpm so lots of room still) with stock gearing and it sounds and feels great. You wouldn't describe it as buzzy or whiney at all. Yes it's lighter than larger ADV bikes but the Kove is nimble and comfortable and didn't feel like it was being pushed around by winds at all.

I did put the bike hard on to its side today shifting from 3 to 4th doing 70kmh plus whilst on a good sheet of ice I mistook as wet gravel. Slid a good 50 feet min and the only real issue is the missing rear signal, glad MotoMotion Canada installed the upgraded skidplate for me in the pdi. lol Pics of the pants and bike later, this also mentally kept me from pushing too much past 130km today.

I think the Tiger will stay comfortable garaged at home unless I am heading out with my wife as a pillion seems like the Kove is going to serve not just Rally events and moto camping but will handle the 4 to 7 hour combined pavement, gravel, double and single track commutes to work and back with no issues at all.
He slides...... Safe on first!

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