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Russ Paton
9 months ago



SO we headed out on the Kove 450 again this day with a familiar destination in mind that would give us some nice single track and some good fast flowy FSR's. Headed up to Tamihi and went in up Chilliwack Valley Rd and had some good speed remembering how the WR250 would not break 110 with me riding it up that low slope Valley highway lol. The Kove, well let's just say that it is a different animal and if I "Wanted to" I "Could" have gone as fast as I wanted. Broke off and went up to Sherwood Forest for nice fast double track and then into Wynona's for some tighter but easier single. It handled it all like a champ. Heading back down the FSR and then onto Sleepy Hollow there was some nice deep well mounded water bars that just begged to be jumped; I actually bottomed the shock on one but that wasnt the bikes fault this rider hit it too slow and dropped it hard into the ditch and berm side. Cruised up the ADV route (west side) to Windy Knob, thats a highway since the recent logging but caught a great view between clouds.
Still lvoing the Kove and convinced the Tiger will stay garaged in Abbey except for pillion rides and the amazing Beta 390 is going to be relegated to SIngle Track for now on.

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