GoldRiver400 - Les Chemins Sauvage

GoldRiver400 - Les Chemins Sauvage

Gold River, British Columbia, Canada

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GoldRiver400 - Les Chemins Sauvage
The GoldRiver400 will be a four day, 1,400km (yes you read that right!) navigation trial across the gravel roads of the north of Vancouver Island. Valid registration, licence and insurance required.
June 27
Pacific Tides Mall, Muchalat Drive
Gold River, British Columbia, Canada
V0P 1G0

Moto Requirements

Off-Road Motorcycle

The GoldRiver400 - Les Chemins Sauvage

Thursday June 27 to Monday July 1 2024

A four day, 1400km gravel road navigation trial for dualsport and adventure bikes and riders.
Jonathan Binnington, proprietor of Vancouver Island Motosports Events has pioneered the development of backcountry, gravel road, regularity rally navigation trials as a new, road legal motorcycle motorsport.

The gravel resource roads of the north of Vancouver Island travel through Crown and First Nation forests and are classed as Highways within the meaning of the BC motoring laws. No Gates, no private roads!

The event will have four classes:
• Guided tours for riders who are new to backcountry travel and navigation
• Gaia routes for solo and pairs riders
• Roadbook navigation for solo and pairs
• Roadbook plus gps timing, as a backcountry version of Time/Speed/Distance regularity rally


The routes will extend up to 1400km across the north of Vancouver Island, starting and returning to Gold River in the heart of Strathcona, each day. The degree of difficulty will range from straightforward, low level gravel Mains to the gnarliest, steepest, most dramatic mountain resource roads that can be found. Bypasses sand workarounds for the tricky bits will be indicated. The municipal campground will be booked for campers wanting to participate in the “rally bivouac” experience.

The Vancouver Island Motosports Events website is

There is much to read on the blog… The blog posts will tell you all you need to know about how to succeed in this motorsport genre ;)

Entry for the four day event is $400 CAD and can be found at:

The event opens at 4pm on Thursday 27 June and closes on the evening of Canada Day 1 July 2024 with prize giving in the Ridge pub.

Roadbook Writing - Progress!

Cold, wet winter weather with short days and early nights aren’t much fun for riding in, but it is a very good time of year to be thinking about the coming summer and planning.

I have now written two roadbooks for next year’s GoldRiver400. Both routes each total around 330km/200mi. This includes 150km of liaison each day.

The format will be a little different to previous events, the event bivouac will still be in the village of Gold River and each day’s routes will begin and end in the village - but now the routes out of GR are well known and relatively unchallenging, each day’s “competition” routes will begin and end at either Sayward Junction or Woss where there are food, fuel and rest facilities.

This format development will ensure that the “exploration” challenge remains fresh and new for returning participants and at the same time, offers an achievable and non-daunting introduction to “backcountry navigation trials” for riders who are new to this genre of motorcycle motorsport.

The hyperlink below will take you to the blog entry that contains the liaison routes between Gold River, Sayward Junction, Woss and back to Gold River by Gaia. The liaisons are only briefly described in the roadbooks, the intention is that riders will switch between Gaia and roadbook to effectively navigate their way each day.

Vancouver Island backcountry access, logistics, routes and resources for Dual Sport and Adventure riders:

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