Dirt Chimp Ideas for 2024

Dirt Chimp Ideas for 2024

April 13, 2024

The Chimps picked up a book or two this last offseason and we have a couple of concepts to share with you. They might resonate with you as well.

They Can Read?

The Chimps picked up a book or two this last offseason and we have a couple of concepts to share with you. They might resonate with you as well.

Idea #1 for 2024

“When is the last time that you did something for the first time?”
As we get older, time feels accelerated. Neuroscientists suggest that this changed perception is due to the lack of novelty in our adult lives. We get into a groove. We do the same things from day to day, and from week to week. Ask yourself “When is the last time that I did something for the first time?”

Going on a vacation this year? Try something different! You may love it. As I am writing this, I’m preparing for a jungle trek that I’ll be in the midst of by the time you read this. I’ve never done anything like it.

During the 2023 moto season, I tried a different type of bike (a big BMW) and went on several long distance solo trips. Very new to me, and I loved it!

I’m doing my best to keep mixing things up, to not get stuck in my ways, to keep learning, and to stay interesting - even if only to myself! I welcome all who want to join me in this journey of discovery.

Idea #2 for 2024

What follows are actually two ideas, but for me they are working together.
“What did you fail at this week?”


“Learn to be comfortable when others are uncomfortable.”
Are you willing to try new things? Are you prepared to fail? Or do you insulate yourself from situations where you may not succeed? It’s said that you learn the most when you fail. For 2024, I challenge you to put yourself out there, to be open to failure, and to learn more about yourself, and how to do things in general.

I love the second quote. As adventure bikers, we often get into uncomfortable situations, right? Our YouTube channel shares our frequent discomfort especially well because we know that when things happen, it’s time to turn on the cameras!

The more discomfort that we expose ourselves to, either deliberately or through happenstance, the tougher we get.
  • Cold and wet?
  • Long day, fatigued, getting dark, and miles to go?
  • Freezing cold and terrible sleep?
  • Scorching hot, beating sun, and a flat tire?
It’s alright. Been there, done that. You should have seen this other time…
Here’s to a life of adventure!

Grab life by the bars. We look forward to joining you on the trail.


Scott & Andrew are the Dirt Chimp. Together they have filmed over 150 YouTube videos that feature going challenging places on big bikes. Their production style is best described as "Run & Gun" with the cameras always being turned on for the hardships they endure.

The Dirt Chimps are also known for their annual Adventure Bike Gathering in Vernon, British Columbia
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