Unravelling The Layers of TMA

Unravelling The Layers of TMA

March 7, 2024

TMA is a big undertaking. Here is how our offering is getting better refined, and massively supplemented.

As TMA heads into its first year outside of “Beta Mode” it is increasingly important that people understand exactly what we are here to offer. Up until now, we’ve been like a sandwich without the protein. Well, The GPS Exchange is the protein, and now we think it will all make sense!

TMA is an online community. We can connect people and share information like bike builds, adventures, articles, and events.

TMA Mobile (formerly Sidecar by TMA) is an offline navigation application for your smartphone. With TMA Mobile you can navigate using common tools, follow existing GPS tracks, record your adventures, and submit your adventures directly to your Journal in That Moto App, complete with photos, and ride statistics.
On May 1st, along with a bunch of other upgrades, we’ll be launching The GPS Exchange.
The GPS Exchange is an online marketplace inside TMA that allows people to buy, sell, lease, or just share GPS adventure packages.

Here are a couple of examples of how this will be used by route and network creators….

Example 1: Local Clubs
Local offroad clubs can upload their trail networks and any associated guidebook-style content. The trails can show difficulty ratings and waypoints that may include campsites, lookout points, bridges, privies, or whatever they want. Clubs may make their network public, free to members, or available for a fee.

Example 2: Adventure Creators
There is a growing number of societies, companies, and individuals who are formalizing one-day through 2-week long adventures that are largely GPS and guidebook-based. The GPS Exchange is built to precisely match the needs of these organizations. Whether they are offering their content for free, through a subscription model (which we are pioneering), or fee-for download, we’ve got the functionality that they have been waiting for.

Examples Include: GPS Kevin, Fun Treks, RideBDR, EPIC GPS Adventures, and many others.

New Functionality for the Moto World

ABOVE: The first bit of information made available in an Adventure Pack.

Subscribing to GPS Tracks

The concept of using a smartphone, navigating with a smartphone as your primary, and subscribing to tracks that are created by others, is brand new. It’s the subscription part that is very cool.

Subscription does not necessarily mean that it costs money. Many of the routes and networks that will be available through The GPS Exchange will be free.
Subscribing to GPS tracks is just better. Here’s why…
ALWAYS CURRENT > The route subscription model allows your phone to always have the most current version of the route or trail network on your device. No more downloading and installing. No more “old versions” lingering on your uniy causing you issues. When the GPS package is updated, tweaked, or enhanced, your phone automatically synchronizes and presto, you are up to date.

CROWDSOURCING > The GPS Exchange uses the public to collect trails and routes, and to rate them. The best will move to the top, the worst into obscurity.

Trail Reports

TRAIL REPORTS FOR CREATORS > Trail Reports creators a better understanding of the current condition of their routes and networks. Trail Reports can be collected in completely offline environments, submitted when Internet connectivity is regained, and routed to the right people.

TRAIL REPORTS FOR ADVENTURERS > People who are planning an upcoming adventure can monitor routes and networks of interest and be notified of incoming reports. Imagine planning your high-elevation adventure and knowing how the trails are opening up as the snow melts through the spring.

What We Suggest You Do

If you are not already a member of TMA, we suggest you sign-up. It's free with an access code, and you don’t need to pay for membership unless you want the fancy functionality.
Need an access code for yourself, or a buddy? Ride4Dylan will get you in.
If you have some adventures to share, make sure your tracks are nice and clean (wrong turn out and backs deleted), and think about writing a few words about how your adventure can best be enjoyed. When May 1st comes around, you will be able to upload your GPS files, and your optional guidebook, and then decide if you will be offering your creation for free, for an annual subscription, a one-time subscription, or charge a fee for download.
ABOVE: A Sample Admin Page
If you are a highly experienced creator with a lot of assets, like a GPS Kevin or Fun Treks, reach out sooner than later. These guys will be set-up for our May 1st launch, and we would like to include you as well.
Questions or comments? We are keen to chat!
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