EPIC GPS Adventures

EPIC GPS Adventures

January 25, 2024

There is a new not-for-profit society appearing in the dual-sport, adventure bike, and overland scene in Western Canada.

EPIC GPS Adventures is a not-for-profit organization that assembles trail networks, routes, and guidebooks for free. Aimed at the dual-sport, adventure bike, and overland adventurers, all you need is a dirt capable machine that is street legal, some moto skills, a GPS, and a sense of adventure.

EPIC GPS Adventures is starting with a handful of sizeable routes in B.C. and expanding into Alberta during the summer.
We got started through a gift from Roger Nelson, an avid explorer and cartographer by trade. Roger made these two epic Canadian routes, called Canada's BDRs previously, and he recently gifted them to us to carry forward so they could get the spotlight that they deserve.
EPIC GPS Adventures has 3 routes coming out for the end of February, and 5 more coming out over the course of the summer.

They are currently looking for additional Ambassadors, and sponsors who can help with some of their costs. To find out more, check out their website.
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